Racheal’s Podcast Episode 1

Since everyone seemed to enjoy the idea of me having a podcast, here is the actual first episode, and I’m for the first few episodes, I’m going to be reading out from the Dear Diary series I write sometimes and in this episode, I read out the first diary entry – Addictions!

Gave a shout-out (or at least attempted to) to Caramel, who gave me some helpful comments about the podcast deal. I’m sorry, Caramel, but while recording when I went to give your website, my mind went blank and I couldn’t remember 😅Couldn’t pause the audio, so I just found your website address afterwards and added it to the description.

Here is the link to her website so y’all can check her out!


Here’s the episode (I tried it without music this time, which do you all prefer, with or without music?): https://anchor.fm/racheal-mustchin/episodes/Season-1–episode-1—Dear-Diary-Addictions-e1b16hk

Hope you all enjoy this episode and if you have any particular posts of mine that you would love to have me read out in another episode, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Have a great day/night! 😘


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3 thoughts on “Racheal’s Podcast Episode 1

  1. It was much easier to catch every word this time. Your voice is lovely, and the more you do this, the more relaxed you will be. Hearing a human voice really brings something to life and makes a blogger so much more real.
    I have not been brave enough to try podcasts, but some other bloggers I follow have. They seem to have used different effects. One is a very good friend of mine. She recorded a few podcasts, but she is very poorly sick at the moment. She blogs under the name Jenna Kirkpatrick:

    I like her podcasts because she uses a mix of sound effects, but when she speaks it is fairly easy to catch everything because there is no music playing.

    And through Jenna we found an amazing poet and story writer called Gentleman Dave. This is one of his podcasts:

    I love Gentleman Dave’s work, but because of the music, I don’t catch every word, which is a shame because I know he is a very clever writer.

    There seem to be more and more bloggers out there having a go at podcasts, and learning as they go. But I think that WordPress has such a great supportive spirit, if you reached out and asked other bloggers podcasts for tips they would probably be pleased to chat about their own experiences.

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    1. Thanks 🙂the first blogger that I saw do a podcast was bottomlesscoffee007 and even though he did no music, it was so hard to hear the podcasts properly sometimes, which sucked cause he was awesome.


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