I’ve started a podcast

So ages ago, another blogger, who sadly seems to have fallen off the blogging sphere now, really wanted me to start a podcast where I could read out my stories and poems, do all the voices and sound effects, and so on, to help me get a wider audience.

Me, being terrified of people hearing my voice at the time, naturally refused.

But whenever I do come on WordPress, the site keeps bugging me to start using Anchor to create my free podcasts from my posts to help grow my audience.

So today I caved in and started an account with Anchor, linking it to this blog…so now I’ve started a podcast.

Here’s the first “episode”, let me know what you all think. Will probably end up fixing the podcast title and logo and shit, but that’ll have to be another time lol. The podcast is available on Anchor and Spotify, below are the links to both!

Have a great day/night!


3 thoughts on “I’ve started a podcast

  1. You have a lovely voice. Really lovely. You should not be worried about that. It would be nice to hear you read some of your posts. Start with shorter ones so you can get used to it.
    I have heard a few podcasts from other bloggers recently. I am not very familiar with the software everyone is using, but the sound effects are enjoyable. I just find that if the music is playing at the same time as you are speaking, it is harder to hear what you say.

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