The Azren Chronicles: Recruits, Laughter and Other Weird Events

So here I finally am with the latest Azren Chronicles story, sorry I haven’t updated this in a while, had a lot going on and actually forgot about this until I got an email from someone asking when the next one was coming out, and went to see what I could do with it and found this sitting in my drafts since beginning of last year.

….yeah. I know.

So to recap, the Azren Chronicles is a series set in space where the main characters are all these blogger friends of mine that participate in saving the universe, basically. In one of the short stories I wrote for it, I established that there were alternate timelines and shit like that, you know the drill if you’re a sci-fi fan. Now, the bloggers I have had permission to put into the stories have been bottomlesscoffee007, Britchy, The Eclectic Contrarian, J-M’s History Corner, Racquel, Lydia and Jay-Lyn and myself, naturally. I know there are three or four on this list that seem to have taken a long break from blogging, so I don’t know if they are still blogging or what and I’m not sure how to get in contact with them to see  if they are still interested in this series or not. So, to any of the above mentioned people, whether you are active or not much or not at all, that are reading this, just let me know if you are no longer interested in being apart of this (I sincerely hope you all are, though) and if you want this series to keep going, please let me know.

Thank you and happy reading!

The Azren Chronicles Folder


Britchy cleared her throat. “So, what’s the overall sketchy idea of attack that you two,” and she nodded at Bond and Rue, “have come up with that has an 99% probability of failure?”

The next day…

Jones ducked a punch that Rue threw and grabbed her arm and used her forward momentum to flip her onto her stomach. He pinned her to the floor by digging his knee into her back and twisted her arm behind her back.

Gritting her teeth, Rue, in one swift motion, brought her free elbow and knees in toward her torso and, using them as frames underneath her, exploded, rotating her hips and shoulders in the direction of Jones’ foot that he was using for balance.

“Oh, so now the truth comes out!”

Jones and Rue paused and turned to the speaker.


Rue could feel the joke towards her coming and adopted a ‘here-we-go’ expression, mentally preparing herself for the coming crack.

John looked at Jones. “I knew that you were the stronger sibling.”

Oh, two can play this game, Rue thought as she and Jones got up.

“Yeah,” Jones agreed with a mock-sigh. He glanced over at Rue and shook his head. “She’s always had delusions of grandeur.”

Rue raised an eyebrow. “So, I’m no good at this?” she asked, motioning around in their ring, indicating their fitness training that they did. “Is that you mean?”

John and Jones nodded. “Well, not at this particular sport,” John replied.

Rue nodded slowly, like she was considering it. “So, you’re really good at this?”

John cocked an eyebrow. “I reckon,” he said simply. Rue saw out of the corner of her eye Jones cock his head to one side, peering at her as if to say What are you up to?

“So…you’d have no problem joining us?” she asked.

John smiled and took off his jacket that he had been wearing and climbed over the ropes around the border of the ring and over to Jones and Rue. “I bet $10 that I win,” he said as Bond, Britchy and Racquel (who had come back from her latest case the night before) entered the arena.

“You’re on,” Rue said and she then went over to the far corner and grabbed a bottle of water from Bond. Taking a swig (after all, she had just been sparring with Jones), she then handed it back.

“Hey,” Bond whispered, leaning close, taking the bottle off of her. “You sure this is a good idea?”

“Oh, yeah!” Rue whispered back, leaning against the ropes. “He and I go way back and we used to spar together years ago. I would win all the time.”

Bond winced, taking a look at John, who was chatting with Jones about something while waiting for Rue to come back. “I dunno’ know,” Bond said in a wary tone. “He looks like he’s been practicing since then.”

Rue scoffed. “Trust me, he’s going to be leaving here on a stretcher,” she assured Bond and then turned around. “Alright!” she called out. “Let’s do this.”

“So,” Bond snickered, kneeling down on the floor and handing a cup of coffee to Rue, “who’s meant to be leaving on a stretcher again?”

Rue removed the large ice pack from her eye and glared at him. Bond nearly dropped his coffee from the mere size of her black eye up close. “Dumbass,” she muttered.

“Yes, you are,” Bond deadpanned. Rue went ‘Ha!’ and took the coffee from him, putting the ice pack back on her eye.

“Sorry,” she muttered.

Bond shrugged it off. “I get it. It must be so humiliating-”

“Not another word.”

Bond chuckled and went over to John. “Hope I didn’t hurt her too much,” John said, looking somewhat concerned.

“Don’t apologise,” Bond said, saying it loud enough for Rue’s benefit. “This is going to help build her character.” A string of swear words was Rue’s immediate response on the matter. “Well, it was worth a try,” Bond quipped and he and John chuckled. Bond clapped John on the shoulder. “After that performance, you’re hired.”

“Do I get a code name?” John asked, leaning forward eagerly.

Rue shrugged as she handed him some of their weapons to test him further just to be sure. “If you want,” she said, turning to Jay and handing her some weapons, too, as they wanted to test her out, too. Jay and John would both be great in the field. Lydia, on the other hand, mused Rue, is probably more suited for being the person in the chair with all the computers, watching everything and being our eyes and ears on a mission.

Which, as a matter of fact, was what Jones was testing her on right now in the lounge.

She then realised that John was still chatting about code names. “…should I call myself? I want it to be something that strikes fear into the hearts of my opponents.”

“In that case,” Britchy replied. “You should call yourself The Long Johns.”

Rue and Jay burst out laughing while John put his hands on his hips and fixed Britchy with a look. “Now, listen here, young lady…”

As Bond sipped his coffee, he quietly watched Jones and Lydia. Lydia was proving to be a tech pro, quickly mastering all the tasks that Jones gave her. She would make a great addition to our team, he thought.

Brring! Brring! Brring!

Checking the caller ID, Bond noted that it was a local number and carefully put his coffee down and answered the call, putting the phone to his ear. “Hello?”

There was a sudden bright flash of light.

Next thing he knew, Bond was on the floor. His ears were ringing and he could barely see anything cause everything was too damn bright.

Silhouettes of people were either rushing about or seemed like they were staggering to their feet.

He thought he made out a faint noise to his right and slowly turned his head to see something…silver…metallic…just a few inches from his face.

There was a sharp prick to his skin and then everything faded into darkness.


So, I hope that was alright. It’s rather short as I’m getting back into the rhythm of it all (will probably end up rereading the previous stories in this series to help refresh my memory) but please let me know if you guys want this to continue or not.

Hope you all have a great day/night!


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