The Havsågud Cell – Part 7

So I’ve been really busy lately with finally getting a rental and moving and settling in, driving lessons, and doing Uni (which as of last week, I have finished my first semester and now get three and a half months off!!!) Hope you all have been well aaaannnnddd here is the next chapter of The Change. Here’s the link to the folder for this story if you want to refresh yourself on what’s happened previously or if you’re new and want to know what this story is about 🙂

The Change

“Ms. Acker?”

The woman in question looked up from the paper she was marking on her desk, absent-mindedly pushing her glasses back up her nose. “Yes?”

The person requesting her attention stepped closer to the desk, her flowery sleeveless dress softly ruffling around her legs as the perfume assaulted Acker’s nose.


Acker sighed, this woman was annoying. She never did anything wrong, she acted perfect…a little too perfect.

And that irked her.

But she put on her customer service smile and gave the obligatory: “Oh, good morning, Ms. Green, how may I help you?”

“Just wanted to let you know that my daughter Lucy won’t be able to come into class this week, she’s rather sick,” Jamie smiled, not even offering a good morning or anything.

Acker adjusted her glasses again. Lucy was a healthy teenager, rarely sick, so when she did ever become sick, it was always something quite serious, which concerned Acker quite a bit.

“W-what’s she sick with?” She asked. Hopefully nothing contagious…

“The doctor’s checking her out right now.”


“I appreciate you letting me know, Ms. Green, though I must ask, ma’am: shouldn’t you be with her in the doctor’s office? You could’ve just called.”

Jamie seemed to reflect on this for a moment. “I suppose you’re right…but…I needed to get out for a breather cause we do need some shopping and figured I would come in and let you know.”

She’s not fully there, is she?

Acker stared at her for a minute to see if Jamie caught the point, and then sighed, rubbing her eyes.

“Thank you, ms. Green, tell Lucy I hope she recovers soon and I look forward to seeing her in class when she can come back.”

Jamie nodded and exited the room, leaving Acker to wonder how Lucy dealt with her as a parent.

As Jamie exited the school, she smiled to herself. At least that’s sorted, she congratulated herself. Reaching into her handbag, she pulled out her car keys and was glancing down to find the button that would unlock the car when she felt a tap on her shoulder.


Jamie turned around. “Ye-oh, fuck.”

The suited man motioned to his own vehicle nearby. “The boss wants to have a few words with you.”


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