In Precious Memory Of

So just a few days ago, one of my younger brothers joked about the death of balloons and it was so hilarious, I wanted to share it on here 😁


Heading to a restaurant for your birthday, you sit down and am presented with menus. Family arrive, photos are taken and videos recorded. Meals are ordered and you play games and go silly while waiting for the food.

Balloons are brought to the table, that float innocently around, bring joy to you and the kids, though you don’t notice their secret pain as their signals for help go completely unnoticed.

One or two are popped by accident, but that is a more desirable date than what awaits them later when the restaurant is closed and there is no witnesses to their abuse.

No witnesses when the leftover balloons are dragged out to the backroom.

And mercilessly tortured, their last gasp of air torn out of them as a needle is plunged into them and their shriveled remains splatter across the room before cleaners come through and pick up their remains and throw them away, the evidence forever lost.


So here’s the actual final version of the skit that one of my younger brothers cheekily came up with, sorry that another brother published the draft before it was ready. Hope you enjoyed my brother’s dramatic imagination 😈


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