The Havsågud Cell – Part 6

Making it to the end of the corrider, she adjusted her glasses and, reaching inside her jacket, pulled out a slip of paper. Glancing over the content, she then typed in the numbers. After a second, there was a couple short beeps and the door slid open

On the other side was a giant of a man who looked to be in his thirties. Blonde hair, blue eyed, the man was wearing a tightly pressed grey uniform, no weapon visible, but surely hidden somewhere on his person.

“Follow me,” was all he said before turning and walking away, seemingly very assured that she would follow cause he didn’t turn back to see if she was accompanying once.

Nipping her lip as she tried to quell her fear, she then briskly followed after the man, trying to keep up.


Grabbing a knife, Jackson cut his chicken, cheese and lettuce sandwich into triangular quarters, glancing nervously over to his mother who was pacing back and forth infront of the counter, a worried look on her face.

She had went over to Gerald’s place, but the police wouldn’t let her on the property due to the investigation into whatever it was that had happened to Gerald. That and the fact that they were keeping it all hush-hush was driving his mother something crazy.

“Jackson, what-“

“I know as much as you do,” he replied, the same thing he had been saying every five minutes for the past hour or so. Putting the knife in the sink, he then put the quarters on a plate and then grabbed a glass and poured himself some orange and mango juice.

“Where are you going?” his mother asked, suddenly turning to him.

“Just my room, Mum,” he replied, giving her a comforting smile. “got some homework to do.”

She nodded and went back to her pacing. “Good luck,” she muttered.

Jackson sighed and nodded. “Thanks, Mum…and please, try and relax,” he said gently as he picked up his plate and drink and began heading upstairs to his room, hoping to find something in his homework to distract himself from whatever was going on with their neighbour.


Adjusting her shirt with a sigh, the lady who had knocked Lucy out swiped her card over this scanner and the door beeped and slid open. Stepping inside, she then took a right and soon came to another door and knocked.

“Come in.”

Opening the door, she then stepped inside, politely closing the door behind her. A tall, old man stood with his back turned to her, back hunched, presumably reading a book as he was by one of his numerous bookshelves. “Sir?” she asked quietly, bowing her head.


“We have an issue with #456’s Unit Guardian.”

There was a brief pause before the man replied, “#456?”

“Lucy, sir.”

The man immediately slammed his book shut and slowly turned around to face the woman, his eyes staring at her intensely. “What about Lucy’s Unit Guardian?” he asked, his voice dripping with a warning that she better watch her next words.

Despite still having her head bowed, the woman felt herself starting to tremble as fear began taking hold of her. “Rule 55, sir.”

“Then, bring her in for termination.”



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      1. Ohhhh. Hey big sis! Things are okay – started Uni, got my learner’s permit for driving. Still haven’t found a house. How are you?


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