The Havsågud Cell – Part 5

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Before Lucy could properly process what the lady had said, the lady pressed another button, and Lucy arched her back with a terrified and painful scream as wave after wave of agony crashed through her, tears now freely flowing from her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she heard the woman say through her screams before the final wave hit her and everything went dark.


The lady took a shaky breath and withdrew her finger from the button, her eyes glued to the creature before her that had just collapsed to the bed.

Pushing herself away from the desk, the woman stood up and cautiously took a step towards the unconscious creature.

It didn’t move.


That meant it was definitely out.

Encouraged by that, she took another step and then another until she was right up to the shackled thing, feeling her breath catch now that she was right up close to it.

The thing that was called Lucy.

This ‘Lucy’ had brown hair with streaks of blonde. It’s skin was a pulsating mixture of blue and green with a pinch of yellow along it’s arms. She couldn’t see if this yellow was anywhere else cause it was wearing a shirt. The shirt was white and red “I ❤️NYC”, causing the woman to scoff.

One of those whackos, eh?

But from the waist down there was absolutely no resemblance to a human being whatsoever. Cause instead of legs, this ‘Lucy’ had a fish’s tail.

Pressing a button on the side of the bed, the bed began to tilt, the floor opening up, revealing water. The bottom half of the bed, which was designed to be water proof, partially dipped into the water, stopping just above the spot where Lucy’s ankles would’ve been. The woman pressed another button and the bed began to lower itself into the water, submerging Lucy up to just below her chest and then stopped.

With that down, the woman then quickly strode out the room. There was much that needed to be discussed with Lucy, but first, she had to go talk to someone else.



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