Racheal Update

Hey everyone,

Thank you for your prayers, it means a lot. Our community is so generous and amazing, my family and I have been provided with a lot of food, clothing and bedding, it’s been mind-blowing 🤯

Even my work mates have given us stuff and one of my work mates has got some furniture for us when we get to move into a new house.

Speaking of a new house, we got our eye on a place, though we’re not rushing, mum’s requested another inspection and is also taking looks at other houses as well before making her final decision.

It was Mum’s birthday yesterday and everyone at our church threw a big celebration with a FIVE LAYER CAKE made by the Pastor’s 15 year old daughter!!! Me and my brothers had pre-booked a dinner for Mum’s birthday dinner, and after the fire, we all had considered cancelling it, but then Mum decided that we needed to have it, so we went and it was awesome!

Mum’s second birthday cake at dinner
Mum’s birthday cake that the Pastor’s daughter made from scratch

A couple nights beforehand was my boss’ hen party cause the getting married next month. Again, after the fire, I was considering not going cause it seemed wrong to be going out, have a fancy dinner and drinks after just losing my home, but my Mum and boyfriend talked me into still going and I ended up having a lot of fun. The party was a great time and I did karaoke for the first time 😅 I would tell you more about what happened, but there’s a code: what goes on in the hen party stays in the hen party 😁😉

Unfortunately, I discovered that some people are taking what happened to us as an excuse to try and get free stuff from the shops, but I don’t know how to stop that. 😭🥺😔

So basically, we’re doing okay, getting things together as we try and get back on our feet. Thank you to everyone who’s been helping us through this, we really appreciate it 🥰

9 thoughts on “Racheal Update

  1. It is good to hear that you got to celebrate your mum’s birthday and go to the hen party. Laughter and fun are good medicine for the trauma of the fire. May your family’s new house be much better than the last one. Hugs and love!

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