Prayers Are Needed

Yesterday afternoon, my house caught fire and we have no idea what caused it.

It spread too quickly to be able to put it out, so while the fire brigade came as quickly as they could, it was too late by the time they arrived due to how quickly it all spread.

We’ve lost basically everything. Please pray that we’ll be able to get a new place and be able to pay off the mortgage from our house that burnt down and that we’ll get our insurance and that we’ll be provided with all that we’ll need.

20 thoughts on “Prayers Are Needed

    1. Yeah, the fact that none of us were hurt is the main thing. God has definitely provided us with people who have donated a lot of food, clothes, shoes and bedding. And there are others who are going to donate furniture once we are able to secure a house, praise God.

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  1. Praise God you all got out of the house. May the Lord restore you and grant favor with the insurance company. May your family have a spacious place to live, clothes replaced and more than enough for all your needs. May Yahweh Jireh meet all you need plus! Abundant blessings!

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  2. Omg, girl! I am SO sorry! This must be so difficult! I hope the house was insured and you are able to get everything back together again. This is just so terrible! I can’t imagine what you must be feeling, right now! Sending love! xx

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    1. Thanks. The house was insured, we’re just working on getting it. Everyone has been so so generous, it’s amazing. We’re trying to find a house.


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