Untitled Short Story #2

“Hooter, come in! Do you read me? Over.”

Letting out a sigh, Hooter shook his feathers, much in the manner of a human sharply tugging on a jacket to straighten it, before using one of his talons to turn on the earbud he had on.

“I read you, Wesley. Over.”

“Do you have eyes on the package? Over.”

Hooter glanced down from the little cave in the mountain side he was hiding in and looked towards the little sparrow that was sitting on a tree at the bottom of the mountain, stashing something in an owl’s nest. “Yes, I do. Over.”

He heard a groan on the other end before Wesley’s frustrated voice came over the radio. “Hooter, no! That’s not how you say it! You know how this spy game is meant to go – you’re meant to make it sound cool, not the bland “Yes, I do”. Make it sound spy-ish! You’re an eagle! The symbol of-“

Hooter rolled his eyes and muted his earbud. Finally, he thought as he sat there quietly observing the sparrow that seemed to have finished stashing whatever it was in the owl’s nest, looked around and then flew up towards Hooter and crouched down beside him. “Package is secure. Oh, I can’t wait for Owl to come home and sit in his nest! He has no idea!”

“Sweet revenge, huh?” Hooter smirked before letting out a sigh. “Alright, I guess I better unmute him…” he muttered before turning his earbud back on.

“-and that is why I’m going to become-“

What’s he even rambling on about this time? Wasn’t he aware I had muted him? “Listen Steve Rogers Wanna-be, it’s been planted. Now what?”

There was a surprised silence on the other end before a “Great, now we wait.”

“Do you have any idea when he’s meant to be coming back?”

“Uh…Hooter…” the sparrow whispered next to him in a terrified voice.

“Not now! Wesley, do you know when he’s coming back?”

“Any minute now.”


“Last place you saw him?”


“What?” Hooter finally asked, turning to the sparrow, only to see the sparrow frantically motioning to something behind them. Turning to look, he saw none other than Owl perched behind them, eyes seeming to be burning into them.

“Well, we’re fucked,” he muttered.


So, I took a challenge which was to time myself for about half an hour or something and make something up on the go to see what I could come with just off the top of my head and this is the result. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. That was really cute. 🙂

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