Untitled Short Story #1

Not sure what to call this short story idea yet, but it came to me after watching some fun short film skits, so thought I’d give it a go!


The wind tickled my hair as I pulled my coat closer to my body.

Sharp rocks dug into my back as I inched along the path, back pressed into the mountain side as the long drop right in fucking front of me caused my heart to almost seize.

The slightest wrong step and….

Bye-bye me.

I shouldn’t even be up here as evidence by the fact that my face was steadily getting number as the wind continued to beat my face.

And the fact that there’s a fucking law against it cause of all the deaths that occur on this path, causing this road to be deemed a safety hazard

But minor technicalities, right?

Who cares about those when you’ve been hearing this faint whispering everywhere you go, even in an empty room, and it’s lowkey driving you insane and everyone’s asking you if you’re okay, and it makes you wanna rip out their throats so you have to get as far away from everybody as possible just to stop yourself being a safety hazard?

Cause damn, I need to be as far away from everyone as possible – and what better way to do it than by going somewhere forbidden where you know no-one’s going to disturb you?

At least I’ll be able to sort it out.


It had been half an hour since I had climbed up here and I’ve never felt such peace. It was so quiet and the view so AMAZING!!! My body seemed to just let go of all of my anxieties with the whispers and just relax and my mind just has gone so blank it’s…it’s beyond words.

And honestly it feels like there’s something in here that’s…drawing me here. I can’t figure it out.

But I can do that later, it’s getting late in the afternoon and I need to be able to get down and back into town before it’s too dark and I have an accident.

I should come up here more often, it’ll help me feel relax and destress from all those voices.

Suddenly a scream cut through the air.


That was my sister’s name.

And it was coming from somewhere nearby.

What the fuck?


This is just a short story, I may or may not continue with it, just thought I’d write something completely random *Shrugs*


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