The Havsågud Cell – Part 4

Pulling her jacket closer to herself, she reached out and punched the numbers into the keypad.

Incorrect password, access denied flashed across the screen, causing the woman to wince and pull her jacket even closer in a protective manner as she typed in the password again.

Did they suddenly change the password again? Or was it…His orders?

The thought made her clench her gloved fists in terror as her eyes quickly darted around, terrified that He was around, reading her thoughts. Shooting a quick glance down at the screen, she saw the words Access granted before there was a hiss of air and the metal doors slid open and she quickly stepped over the threshold as the doors slid shut behind her.

As the lights then automatically turned on, she pulled out a pair of glasses from her pocket and hastily put them on as she hurried down the corrider.



Hearing his name, he groaned and slumped back in his chair, rubbing his eyes. “Yes, Mum?”

“I baked a pie for our neighbour across the street, Gerald. He’s been working very hard lately, I doubt he has anything eat, either. May you take the pie over to him?” His mother called from downstairs.

Jackson rolled his eyes and took his gaming headset off before swiveling around in his chair to face his bedroom door. “Mum, stop trying to hook up with people. Relationships suck.”

“Do as your told, young man!”

Jackson rolled his eyes and crawled out of the chair. Gerald was weird, working quite a bit from home and didn’t even look that attractive, so why was mum interested? Hell, Jackson had even seen the man cleaning his outside windows to Taylor Swift songs, so…

Passing his bedroom window, Jackson glanced over to Gerald’s house before doing a double take.

What the fuck???


He could feel her frustration before he heard her call out: “Stop trying to sabotage my attempts at finding someone! Deal with the fact that I can have a guy in my life if I want it and please come down and deliver that-“

“Mum the police have just pulled up to his house!!”

There was silence and the sound of feet pounding up the stairs before his door burst open and his mum ran over. “The police? Why-?”

She fell silent as she looked out his window and gasped.

Jackson nodded and looked back out the window. What happened at his house?


Finally figured out how I wanted to progress and also found the time to write it out, and decided to time myself on how much I could type up in a limited time, which is fun XD anyways hope you all enjoyed it and see you next time!

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