Happy Easter!

G’day y’all!

How are you all going? Hope you all are enjoying your easter! (if you celebrate it).

I’m sorry for the disappearance, just been having a quite a bit going on physically and mentally. I’m not going to promise to start posting more, cause whenever I do (and I mean it when I promise) something always comes up in my life to stop me for a while, so. I’m just going to promise to post when I can.

But anyways

So, I’ve never really celebrated easter, but last year, me and three of my brothers were visiting our grandmother around easter and we ended up celebrating it for the first time in AGES! and it was so awesome! We had an easter egg hunt for the youngest brother who was visiting as well and he LOVED it! The excitement at finding each easter egg was wonderful – and spending that time with Grandma was amazing. Really miss you, Grandma.

I’m planning on doing an easter egg hunt for my little brothers this year, hopefully they’ll love it.


This year for Easter with school work I had to do a film project about Jesus’ Trial where he was condemned to death and where Peter was listening in and denied Jesus and Judas at the end giving back the silver coins and then hanging himself. It was a solo project – I was the director, costume designer and played all the parts. It was fun, but took a lot of time and effort, so am going to wait awhile before doing it again. I had to divide it into four parts to give myself a break. Some people also said that they couldn’t hear me at all or could just barely hear me while others said they could hear me fine, so there might be the possibility that you can’t really hear me properly, if at all, or you might hear me fine. If you have trouble hearing me, lmk and I’ll tell you what I was saying and doing for the videos 🙂

Here are the videos I did (Haven’t done any form of acting in years, so I’m probably a little awkward and rusty, please bear that in mind):

Jesus’ Trial part 1 – YouTube

Jesus’ trial part 2 – YouTube

Jesus’ Trial Part 3 – YouTube

Now with part 4, the final part, I was doing an introduction explaining what I was going to be doing in the video, but once I finished, I went to hit pause so that I could get changed into one of the outfits and start filming the final part of the story but I accidentally pressed stop, so part 4 had to be divided into two parts – the first part being the introduction and the second part being the act itself. Hope you enjoy that as well (I speak up a LOT more in part 4 so you all will hopefully hear me):

Introduction to Jesus’ Trial Part 1 of part 4 – YouTube

Jesus’ Trial part 2 of part 4 – YouTube

Again Happy Easter, hope you enjoy the videos and see you next time!

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