The Havsågud Cell – Part 3

Just a warning: this chapter is…kinda dark. So proceed with caution.


“Hello, my dear.”

Lucy’s eyes shot open, her breath coming quick and fast. She shot up and then cried out in agony as pain coursed through her arms. Looking down, she saw through her tears that her wrists were chained to what looked like a bedframe.

At least, they should’ve been her wrists, but her skin was a strange mixture of blue and green with a dash of yellow that seemed to pulsate and would also dash around as if they alive and trying to get somewhere.

And the gooey material between her fingers were still there, but the scales were gone.

And instead of her feet, there was only what looked like a fish’s tail from her waist down.

What the fuck’s happening to me? Please be a nightmare!!!

“You shouldn’t be so alarmed,” the voice continued, causing Lucy’s eyes to cut to a desk across from where she was chained. A grey-haired, bespectacled lady sat there, only the top half of her body showing over the desk.

“Where am I?” Lucy asked in a trembling voice, tears starting fall from her eyes. “What am I?!”

The woman looked at her in confusion.

Which only terrified and confused poor Lucy more.

“Didn’t your mother tell you?” The lady finally asked, looking at Lucy more closely, leaning back in her chair as if she was trying to figure out how Lucy didn’t know.

Didn’t know what!?

Terror gripped at her as the lady studied her silently and before she knew it, she was desperately trying to lunge forward…

….only to scream in agony as her muscles tightened and she momentarily went stiff before starting to shake.

Suddenly, she went limp and collapsed back on the bed, her eyes wide as she gasped for air, tears leaking from her eyes.

The lady lifted her finger off of a button, looking pale, eyeing Lucy like she would an eye a deadly creature that had her cornered.

“I-I’m afraid…” the lady whispered. “I’m afraid we have much to discuss…”



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