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It hurts to remember

How we used to be

Laughing and smiling

Before I knew of the monster you’d truly be

I wish I could go back

To when I was loved

Instead of trodden on

And away I was shoved

Why would you do that?

What did I do wrong?

I wish it was all a dream

The monster you’ve secretly been

How did I not see it?

Realise the truth

From the tears Mama would cry

And the fear we’d have of you

What happened to the love you said you had?

What about the promises of things just you and I would do?

Do you realise how much you’ve broken me?

And shattered my trust for all eternity?

How do I undo?

All the pain you put us through?

Why are you still here?

Just leave us alone

And let me undo


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10 thoughts on “Twisted

  1. Good morning Rue, your poem painted a picture of my past, so when reading the comments I was sad to read it is a picture of your present situation. Huge hugs, and much as Jay said, please reach out if you need a safe place to put your head a while. Xx

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