My First Christmas In Forever

Forgive the cheesy title, but I couldn’t resist going for something Frozen sounding 😃😃😃

But it’s true, this year was the first time I had celebrated Christmas in YEARS, so it was a very novel and fascinating experience!

I got to set up my first Christmas tree with my cousin whom I shall call Lucy (not her real name, but calling her Lucy on here to protect her privacy). And let me tell you that was a hilarious experience – never set up one before and this one Lucy and I set up was a fake tree, so trying to put it all together was a bit of pain, especially since Lucy had to keep correcting and redoing the parts of the tree I had put together. But I managed to get it in the end (much to Lucy’s relief 🤣🤣🤣)

Then we put on the tinsel, lights and ornaments – the lights were “fun” cause we kept tangling them when we were trying to untangle them.

But the ornaments were the best part – quite a few were ones that mine and Lucy’s grandmother had used as a child, which Grandma was planning on hanging up with us, but sadly she passed away before that could happen. And there were some that apparently Grandma’s mother had collected while in Israel, which was so freaking cool!

We all bought each other presents and trying to wrap them was fun – we all ended up finding out what we were each getting a little sooner than we should’ve 🤣🤣🤣Thankfully, we managed to keep some presents a secret until Christmas Day.

Christmas day was fun, opening presents, doing a little drinking, having lots and lots of food and blasting music. Discovered a neat little Christmas thing called Bonbons (don’t know if I’m spelling them correctly) and it was fun playing it – got a TINY little picture frame, how the fuck am I meant to fit anything into something as tiny as that is? 🤣

Sorry it’s such a blurry picture

Christmas day was awesome and I definitely plan on celebrating it from now on! How was y’alls Christmas?

12 thoughts on “My First Christmas In Forever

  1. lol – it’s only in Australia it seems there is any kind of normal.
    It was a complete disaster here. It got cancelled!
    The neighbours decided to put glass baubles on an outside fir tree – we had Storm Bella last weekend with winds of 60mph here in in London, stronger elsewhere, since then there has been blue smashed glass all over the pavement. I was in a hurry to get to work yesterday and when I cam home it was dark, but today I swept up all the glass in case anyone injures themselves.

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