In Loving Memory of My Grandmother

Cold and empty

Your seat will always be

Never again will you sit there

Lovingly scolding us or laughing

Your warm smile and sparkling eyes

Will never be seen again

How do we move on?

What can we do without you?

You were awesome


Always there

With love and lots of care

Grandma, we love you

And we hope to see you again one day.


I know this doesn’t rhyme and all, but I really wanted to be able to write something about my grandmother, who recently passed away. This probably needs more fine-tuning, but what I wrote is just what I really wanted to say right now.

Love you Grandma, and I really miss you.

14 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of My Grandmother

    1. Yeah she was. She never really played with me or my siblings, but that didn’t matter cause I knew she loved us and was always there, even if it was just a cuddle. Thank you, I need it 🙂

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