This is just a fictional diary entry I’m writing – yes, it’s based on my own personal feelings I’ve had, but it’s mainly fiction. Enjoy!


Dear Diary,

Okay, I admit it – I’m extremely self-critical.

I’m always hard on myself.

And I do underestimate myself a lot.


I think some of the compliments and praises I receive are VERY inaccurate – either the person is extremely exaggerating to try and make me feel better or genuinely believes what they are saying but is really overestimating me.

I KNOW I underestimate myself.

Stop telling me that.

Start wondering if sometimes – not saying all the time, just sometimes – that you seriously overestimate me, my abilities and who I am.

Don’t patronise me.

Stop telling me that I’m just not being honest with myself.

Cause I am trying to be – I know I see myself badly, I know I need to fix this, I know that I’m probably better than I think…but I also know I’m not everything you probably think I am.


Rant done.


Hope you enjoyed.


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