Overturned Chapter 16

Recap of the ending of the previous chapter:

“And Virgil?”

That question made Charlie stop and look at her curiously to find her staring at him – without a scowl, surprisingly.

Instead she seemed to be studying him with a glowering intensity.

“What about him?” Charlie asked.

“Where is he? I haven’t seen any sign of him since we came here,” Lily remarked, eyes sticking to Charlie like glue.

“I don’t know. He disappeared soon after the ambulance came to get Mia,” he said, his voice cracking. It had been horrible – fire fighters had to be called to peel the wreckage off of Mia. The car and Mia had crashed into another car and both drivers were in the Intensive Care Unit.

Mia was very lucky to be alive.

He then realised that Lily was talking to him. “What do you mean he disappeared? Where did he go?”

“I don’t-”

He cut off as he saw a doctor come into the room and saw their names.

With a quick prayer, Charlie stopped and then went over to the doctor, but Lily had made it to the doctor first.

“Yes?” she asked.

Charlie mentally crossed his fingers.

Please still be alive, please…

Now we all know where we stand, let’s get on with Chapter 16:


The doctor cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses, looking at the two uncertainly.

“The good news is that Mia is alive. She’s currently in the ICU and looks to be staying there for a while.”

Oh, shit.

“Mia lost one of her legs,” the doctor continued.

Lily gasped and one of her hands shot to her mouth, tears starting to well up in her eyes. Charlie reached over to lay a comforting hand on her shoulder, but she pulled away at the last minute. Charlie sighed through his nose and turned back to the doctor.

“Did she just lose her leg?”

“Yes…physically. Can’t speak for what she’ll be like mentally and emotionally, though.”

“She’ll live, though, right?” Lily asked n a quiet and subdued voice.

“We hop-“

“How’s Mia?” a new voice said behind us. Charlie and Lily both turned around at the same time and saw none other than Virgil standing there, looking quite alarmed and frazzled.

He’s here?



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