The Black Iris – Chapter 5

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Also, sorry for the delay, haven’t been sure what to write and there’s been a bit going on at my end.

“We’re here,” Gabriel said curtly as they approached the palace gates.

Esther gulped silently as she looked at the gates. A couple members of the Royal Guard who stood by the gates stepped forward, looking at her with angry intent and she opened her mouth to give them a mouthful when Gabriel stepped forward.

The guards eyes widened when they caught sight of him and stepped aside, even opened the gates for them, mumbling some quick apologies which Gabriel just ignored as he swept Esther through the gates and into the palace courtyard.

Men and women were running around doing practice drills or barking at others, shouting at them for slacking or some other impediment that was doubtless going to spoil their record.

She wanted to study their methods, but Gabriel rushed her through to inside the palace itself and then quickly marched her through the palace. Esther looked around, managing to quickly take stuff in – like the interior’s design, the positions of the guards and where each of the inanimate objects were placed in case she ever needed to use them for whatever situation that might come up – but whenever she wanted to stop and study something, Gabriel would grab her arm and move her along.

“Where are we going exactly?” she asked, glaring daggers into the man’s back after he yanked her arm once more.

“Told you – to see the king,” was all Gabriel stated.

“But where exactly is he? Cause we’ve been moving around the palace quite a bit for the past…twenty minutes if my calculations are correct and we still don’t seem to be any closer to wherever it is that he is,” Esther remarked in a casually flippant voice.

Gabriel stopped in front of a door and then looked at her. He didn’t say anything and his face was unreadable. There was silence for a minute before he briefly glanced down at his feet before looking back at her and taking a step towards her…which made her instinctively take a step back.

“Just relax and be the charming angel that I’m sure is in there somewhere…cause the king is right through there…and he doesn’t tolerate dipshims like you that like to badmouth everyone and think they’re perfect. Okay?”

Oh, you’re asking for it…

But she just cocked an eyebrow and said “Fine.”

Gabriel scoffed quietly to himself and then knocked at the door, calling out “Your Majesty? She’s here.”

A deep voice called out from within and said “Come in.”

Gabriel opened the door and then motioned for Esther to follow through. Taking a deep breath, she did just that.

Shitty writing, I know and I am so so sorry, but with some stuff that’s been going on at my end, I haven’t been in the right headspace to write stories lately, so I’m only just getting back into my groove, so please forgive me for the crappy writing here.

Again, sorry for the delay, I really didn’t mean to take a break from posting for The Black Iris and Overturned, but with some stuff going on at my end, I just wasn’t in the right headspace to do it, sorry.

Anyway, welcome to all my new followers! I’m rue202 and I like to post award posts if I get ’em and stories and poetry on here, so grab some coffee and sit down and prepare for the ride of your life XD Yes, I’m very humble, too, haha!!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed!


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