Answering Your Assumptions About Me

A few days back, I did a post asking you all to share your assumptions about me and I’d answer them in 5 days time.

Well, it’s now that time.

I’m going to answer your assumptions about me…*evil cackle* there is no turning back now…

You have your driving license.

Nope, I do not.

You hate it when it rains! You only like hot weather.

Not totally accurate. I generally don’t like it when it rains cause it means I’m stuck inside, but I do like it when it rains in the sense that listening to the rain falling is actually quite relaxing and therapeutic for me, but other than that, I don’t like the rain. I don’t like hot weather. At all. I like warm and sunny weather, but not hot weather.

You’re a tomboy

ACCURATE!!!!!! I really hate all that girlie shit like wearing dresses, make-up and such. I prefer trousers or shorts (especially khaki ones). I don’t mind wearing skirts on occasion, but only if the skirts are plain and not fancy, frilly or crap like that – such as denim skirts; I don’t mind wearing denim skirts, but as stated earlier – only on occasion. I will sometimes wear a necklace or might do my hair up, but overall, I’m a tomboy.

Sometimes you’re sleep deprived.


You’ve read a few Stephen King novels.

Uh, no. Not fond of his writing.

You wish you had a sister but you love having only brothers.

100% ACCURATE!!!!!!!

You like anything blue.

Pretty much, yeah. Also like anything green, black, grey, purple and red.

You love talking.

Yes, as my family will tell you – I do love a good chat XD

You aren’t scared of many things.

Not too many, but I am scared of a few things.

You love writing novels!

I do 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁Was it that obvious on my blog that I love writing stories? 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

You really like taking part in every thing you find is interesting!!

Pretty much, yep.

You….really like red!

Yep! You guys have gotten some pretty accurate assumptions so far!

You are a great writer joker and you can keep the conversation going

Hehe…I would love to answer this, but, uh…modesty forbids

And…oh, that’s it! Thank you guys for sharing your assumptions, it was a lot of fun answering them XD Some were wrong, some were semi-accurate and some were pretty damn scarily spot on *mock shudders*

See you all next time!

13 thoughts on “Answering Your Assumptions About Me

  1. Loved getting to know you in this post. What’s your twitter handle. Would love to follow you and use this idea with my followers on twitter. Is that okay? ☺️😊

  2. Reblogged this on miscellaneousoddity and commented:

    I am so so sorry – I had answered the assumptions thing on my other blog Racheal’s Novels and really did mean to reblog it onto here to share the answers, but I completely forgot due to some shit that’s been happening at my end! Here are the answers to y’all’s assumptions. Enjoy!

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