Whispered Death

This is not how I’m feeling at the moment, promise, just something I thought I would dabble in 🙂


Vultures circle

Whispering in my ear

Can’t stop myself from being able to hear

As their lies truthful statements from on high come and on me hurdle


You’re ugly

You’re stupid

You went too far

You can’t say anything intelligent


Shut up and get out of my head

But it’s the truth

But people—-

They’re just pretending to make you feel better


You’re a burden

They’re just too polite to tell you

Everything you do is wrong

The fact that you deny it proves how stupid you are


Out of my head

Just kill yourself…but then again, who would even care?

It’s just lies, this is not true

See? Dumb. You refuse to see the simple truth.


Maybe you’re right.

Cause I don’t know what’s real anymore.

This is a very real issue many people deal with – especially people who have depression and Anxiety Disorders. Don’t take it lightly – it’s a real issue ESPECIALLY for depressed people or those who are suicidal (and being suicidal often goes hand in hand with being depressed).


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23 thoughts on “Whispered Death

    1. Yeah, it’s a very serious thing, something I think people need to be more aware of and take more seriously. I’m sick and tired of people brushing it off as if it’s nothing!!!!!


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