All Alone

So, I wrote this short story about the Good Samaritan and thought I would share it. It’s written from the attacked man’s perspective, so he will pass out at times, so expect some gaps and things to be a bit…sporadic.




Could barely breathe with how much the pain kept stabbing him if he inhaled too much at any one time.

Vainly reaching for a big rock nearby to use to try and pull himself forward…

Arm collapsing…

Everything fading away to black…


Could be a few minutes later

Or hours

He has no idea

Just that there are footsteps and he needs to attract the attention of whomever was making the footsteps.

Opening his eyes, he saw someone in some weird dress-up…somewhere in his foggy mind, he thinks it could be a priest, but isn’t sure…coming near him.

He croaks out something…could be hello or it could have been some meaningless noise…but the man did look.

And then dash off as if his pants were on fire.

Darkness descends once more…for how long, he can’t tell, but when he awakens yet again, a new person is approaching.

Throat crackled dry due to the sun beating down on him, he raises his shaking hand…opens his mouth…and out comes a rasping “H…hel…”

But the man went past, seeming to hurry up his pace as he neared the beaten man and didn’t slow down until he had gotten well away from the man.

Then there was a new set of footprints…he opened his mouth…then closed it.

What was the point?

No-one would come.

Esteemed men, men of God…all ignored him. What does that mean for God Himself?

Footsteps got nearer.

Tears leaked out of his eyes as he turned his head away…listening for the sound that this traveler was hurrying as quickly as he could to get away from him.

Just hurry up and go…

But the footsteps slowed.


It was just his imagination.

A hand gently touched his hand and his eyes slowly turned towards the newcomer.

“Come on,” the man said in a gentle but firm voice. “Let’s get you some help.”

“T-thank…” the wounded man choked out…before everything went black once more.

Now, I have no idea whether or not the attacked man actually did think “What does this mean for God Himself?” when the priest and that – men of God – turned away and ignored him, but it is entirely possible and something that many others would think in that situation as well.

Just something to consider…


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