Romance Author That I STRONGLY Recommend


The best romance author EVER in my humble opinion is Jessica Kate!

Jessica Kate (Author of Love and Other Mistakes)

She is an Aussie (which only boosts my opinion of her!) and she is a Christian romance writer and damn! Can she write a good romance!

She describes everything perfectly and the kisses are quite sensually written ( 😉 ) and she has such a good sense of humour. If you want something that will make you laugh but also has some serious stuff for us to consider, then I suggest you go check out her books!

(And for any non-Christians reading this, not all her stories are Christian. She writes non-Christian stories as well).

I recommend all of her books – such as Love and Other Mistakes, The Kiss Dare, A Girl’s Guide to the Outback, The Kiss Thief, etc.

You can check her out at

If you have already read her…

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20 thoughts on “Romance Author That I STRONGLY Recommend

  1. Hi Rachael! Nice blog!
    You used the name Yahweh for God, and Zion as a book title. How would you describe your beliefs?
    I believe that the whole Bible is true and applicable to our lives today.
    Yah bless,

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    1. Hey!
      You misspelled my name, lol! It’s RachEAL not RachAEL. And thanks!
      I’m a Messianic. Into the Hebrew Roots thing a bit.
      I agree wholeheartedly. It is all true.
      Yah bless you too!

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      1. Oops!
        That’s wonderful! Sounds like we take the same attitude towards the Bible!
        Looking forward to reading more chapters of your stories!

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  2. I am a huuggeeeee book nerd. Lol.
    I love reading anything from like hideous romance to horror to sci fi to mystery.
    Best author to me is John Green. I just am a girl for young adult fiction. I have a few favorite books such as: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Warm Bodies, The Fault in Our Stars, 13 Reasons Why, The Notebook (now that’s a love story with some detail, lol), Maze Runner series, Divergent series, Hungar Games series, and sooooo much more (I take it that you like Rue??)

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      1. Reallyyyyyy?? I lovvvveeee Peta. Like frfr. I also love katniss and Efie, so yeah ig I don’t really have a favorite. My all time favorite form Divergent is Four. Love him. And from Maze runner Newt and Thomas allllll the way (especially in the movies like oh lordie they r so cute, lol)

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