July 2020

  • Dreams Come True

    Someone who listens. Someone who genuinely cares. Someone who will hold my hand and hold me close. Who will want to stay with me even after all my hairs have gone gray. Thought it was only a fantasy…but it’s now real. So this was written in response to Debbie’s challenge to write something with the… Continue reading

  • Hope

    Darkness all around Feeling lost, drowning, no longer sound No way you can be found No-one can hear you even when your screaming is really loud But don’t give in Keep on fighting Cause there’s a light just around the bend And there’s someone there waiting just for you, to help you mend Cause He… Continue reading

  • Whispered Death

    This is not how I’m feeling at the moment, promise, just something I thought I would dabble in 🙂 Enjoy! Vultures circle Whispering in my ear Can’t stop myself from being able to hear As their lies truthful statements from on high come and on me hurdle   You’re ugly You’re stupid You went too… Continue reading

  • Bookish Bucket List Tag!!!!

    I’ve been nominated for the Bookish Bucket List Tag by the wonderful Bekah! Thank you Bekah! https://owlservejesus.wordpress.com/2020/07/27/bookish-bucket-list-tag/ Seriously check her out – she’s a great blogger and there is never a dull moment with her!!!!! THE RULES: • Link to the tag’s creator (Madison’s Inkwell). • Link to the person who tagged you. • Tag… Continue reading

  • The Black Iris – Chapter 4

    You can read the previous chapters here: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Enjoy! “Whoa! Whoa!” The man pulled on the reigns as he ordered his horse to slow down. As the horse slowed down, he guided it to under a nearby tree. Climbing off, he tied the house up to the tree, leaving enough… Continue reading

  • All Alone

    So, I wrote this short story about the Good Samaritan and thought I would share it. It’s written from the attacked man’s perspective, so he will pass out at times, so expect some gaps and things to be a bit…sporadic. Enjoy! Pain. Everywhere. Could barely breathe with how much the pain kept stabbing him if… Continue reading

  • Overturned Chapter 15

    So here it is! After nearly a month’s wait and promises of going to post it soon, here it finally is! I am so sorry for the delay. Here’s the previous chapter: Overturned Chapter 14. Hope you enjoy. Charlie pocketed his phone, rubbing his tired eyes, that were red from crying. “What did Mia’s dad… Continue reading

  • Romance Author That I STRONGLY Recommend

    Originally posted on miscellaneousoddity: The best romance author EVER in my humble opinion is Jessica Kate! She is an Aussie (which only boosts my opinion of her!) and she is a Christian romance writer and damn! Can she write a good romance! She describes everything perfectly and the kisses are quite sensually written ( 😉… Continue reading

  • Light in the Darkness

    Your broke my walls You calmed me down You catch me when I fall You make me feel sound   You make me feel once more You made me think that I could be me My broken wings can now once more soar For once at peace I can be   Because of you And… Continue reading

  • Trapped

    Gagged and bound Set adrift, lost and alone To struggle on my own Never to be found   Can’t say a word Can’t protest Can’t follow along with what you say But if I don’t, it’d make a huge mess   Can’t speak Bound and trapped Under your thumb, from me not a squeak As… Continue reading

  • The Sunshine Blogger Award

    I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Mohammad!!! He’s a great blogger, go check him out! Thanks Mohammad! https://mymartialpath.wordpress.com/2020/06/27/sunshine-blogger-award-2-2/ THE LAWS: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. Answer the 11 questions given to you. Nominate 11 other bloggers and write them 11 new questions. List the… Continue reading

About Me

I’m an Australian author and artist, self-published as a teenager. Fast food worker and a uni student. Love karaoke, clubbing, cosplay, makeup listening to ASMR, and photography. Genderfluid, mainly they/them pronouns, and bisexual. Also run a podcast called “The Little Book Corner by Ash Digest – Author” that’s available on Spotify and Anchor/Spotify for Podcasts