The Black Iris Chapter 3

I know I haven’t updated this story in AGES, but I have decided to go ahead and update it. Hope you all enjoy and you can read the previous two chapters here:

Esther kept her head down as Gabriel led her through the town. She would’ve preferred walking behind the man – she was the type to prefer being behind than in front – but Gabriel was determined that she walked beside him instead, keeping a firm grip on her arm to make sure that she didn’t get away.

She ignored the stares.

The murmurs.

Some of the insults and other more solid and literal objects being thrown at her – it appears that she wasn’t as beloved around town as she would’ve liked.

But that could be because everyone insists that she owed them money.

But at least I keep this town safe from the Mijloc abominations…or at least did before-

She quickly banished those thoughts from her mind and then held her head up, opting to glare, curse or give her mockers the middle finger – or a combination of all three.

They didn’t know what happened, nor did they need to know.

She then turned her glaring eyes to Gabriel, who so far was ignoring her. “How much fugging longer?” she snarled.

He simply raised his eyebrow and still ignored her.

Maybe it was due to her foul attitude…


After a few moments and she realized that he had no intentions of speaking to her, she rolled her eyes and huffed and then opted to stay silent.

When the fugging hole are we going to get there?

Just a couple notes: since this is set in a fantasy world, I decided that instead of using our swear words, I’d try out having it that they have their own set of curse words – such as ‘fugging’ and ‘fugging hole’. I don’t think I need to explain what they are in place of…

And yes, Esther has an attitude with a big, huge, painful, capital A. But…she’s been through hell and back, so I hope you can excuse her and that you are looking forward to seeing what her character arc is.

Until next time!

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