Overturned Chapter 14


Constant beeping.

It filled Mia’s ears.

Why isn’t the alarm turning off?

She tried to reach up to turn her blasted alarm off when she screamed in agony.

Tears spilling from her eyes which had now shot open, she screamed again.

But this time due to the fact that she was in a strange room, on a bed with white sheets and hooked up to a strange machine.


The door burst open and in rushed all these people with needles and white coats. Her breath came quick and fast. Everyone spoke fast, she couldn’t catch a word.

They all touched her, prodded her, pricked her.

The quilt was pulled back and she saw her legs.

Her right one was missing.

She then passed out.

So, yeah, I know it’s not my best chapter, but I hope you all enjoy!

So, which team are you all? Team Charlie or Team Virgil?


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