Overturned Chapter 13

Here is the next chapter of Overturned (FINALLY!!!)

What the *&^%(%$ is he doing here?!?

Mia’s vulnerability instantly evaporated and was replaced with a stern glare.

“What do you want!? How did you get here?! How did you even know I was here!?!”

She would’ve continued with her rant, tears starting to threaten to spill again – this time hot and angry – but Virgil stepped forward.

“Hold up,” he said, looking at Charlie with some level of anger across his features considering that when he had been talking to Mia before on the phone, she seemed to really hate him and had almost been reduced to tears. “You the bastard on the phone before?”

Charlie looked at the man in shock. “Eh?” he then looked to Mia. “What the hell did you tell him?!” and here he pointed at Virgil.

Mia rolled her eyes. “Oh, so I’m the victim here?” she then laughed, albeit a humorless one. “You dump me in favour of that cute little blondie, go running off and doing whatever the hell you two were doing with that new career of yours, leaving me to help Dad with his restaurant which is now falling to pieces which Dad refuses to see and I am not able to go and get that job in London like you planned to help me do before you met that crapping blonde. And now when I’m on a date and have made it perfectly bloody clear that I want nothing to do with you after you showed up after three years, you intrude on my alone time and then blame me?!”

Virgil just took a step back and then Mia almost burned with embarrassment as she realized she had revealed more about herself to Virgil than she should’ve at this point and had just revealed to Charlie just how much he had hurt her.

Great! Now he’s going to use this against you.

“Mia, I came here-”

Mia just turned on her heel and stormed off back towards the city.

“MIA! It was Emily!”


Mia paused, but didn’t turn around to look at him.

“I got Emily to call you while she drove me here!”

I’m going to kill Emily.

“Why?!” Mia shouted, whirling around to face him, clenching her fists a little.

“To apologise!!!!”

“AS IF THAT WOULD MAKE A LICK OF A DIFFERENCE!!!” And Mia turned off and stormed off the beach and began crossing the road that ran parallel next to the beach.

She failed to hear the screech of a tyre and was only aware of crashing into the ground and the last thing she saw before fading out was blood.


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