Just You

What is this that I am feeling

Why are my walls shaking

And breaking

And what is this that I feel I am needing?


Is it you?

Is it me?

I look you in the eyes

And there’s something there that I can’t deny


A spark

A connection

An understanding of each other

With just a simple glance


My walls break down

They shatter

For once I actually feel sound

While listening to the sounds of your laughter


Your touch makes me want to share everything

Hide nothing

Your embrace makes me feel safe and warm

During a terrible storm


I want to tell you

See if there’s more to explore, something more we could share


Do you even feel the same?


Do you feel the same?

The same oneness as I do?

The same spark?

Or do you just see a good friend?

Nothing more?


It’s there, I can’t deny

I can no longer run and hide

But if I say something, will I cause unnecessary strife?

And make the biggest mistake of my life?

So, I know this is Ugh! but I wanted to try a romantic poem instead of my usual dark ones…but it’s clear that when it comes to poetry, I’m more fitted for writing dark, gritty stuff then soppy romance.

Ah, well. I gave it a shot.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great day/night!


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49 thoughts on “Just You

      1. BTW, with regards to that song challenge you gave me, I’m finding it difficult to sing If Only and am going to change the song to “Tightrope” from the movie The Greatest Showman. Just so you know 🙂 and sorry I couldn’t sing the song you wanted.


    1. Thanks!
      Honestly, I’m flabbergasted at how much everyone loves this as I didn’t think I had written it very well.
      I’ll try to write more positive poems, then 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Look in my experience, people who tend to talk like you are doing right now are trying to guilt trip into checking out and following their blogs.
        You’ve asked me to, so I will – at some point, as I lead a very busy life.
        But don’t try and push it or I won’t.


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