Overturned – Chapter 12

Welp, finally here is the next chapter of Overturned…hope you all enjoy!

Virgil brow furrowed in concern as Mia scowled and jumped to her feet. His eyes followed her as she furiously paced – no, stormed back and forth across the sand, her feet basically chewing the ground up, daring it to try and stop her pacing as her teeth worked her bottom lip in anger, which he somehow found extremely cute.

YOU!?!” she finally spoke, well actually shouted. Anger and disbelief and betrayal dripping from her voice, twisting and churning across her face.

He stood up and looked at her and mouthed What’s wrong?

She was too worked up to notice and just kept pacing back and forth, opening her mouth to speak, but snapping it shut as whoever was on the other end kept speaking. Finally Mia stopped short and sighed, raising her face to the sky and squeezing her eyes shut, looking all of a sudden very vulnerable and about to break down crying as if her anger had suddenly been sucked out leaving a worn out mess behind.

“Charlie…” she said and sighed, sounding like she was about to shatter into a million pieces. “I…”

Before Virgil could ask her what on earth was going on, a voice spoke near them and said one word.


Mia whirled around and her eyes went wide. Virgil was about to ask who the hell the guy was when Mia looked down at her phone for a moment before looking back up at the guy who was looking at Mia like he wanted to say something really important, but was looking at him with shock and confusion across his features.

Finally Mia spoke.


Who doesn’t love a cliffhanger?


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