Reader Request June 6th

On May 29th, I did a Reader Request where you guys would post any questions you wanted and on June 6th I’d post the answers.

Well, it’s now that time! Today is June 6th and the deadline is over. You can no longer ask me anymore questions for this Reader Request. Thank you everyone who asked me questions – I got some really cool ones – and I’ll do my best to answer them.



What is your favorite movie genre?

I dunno…I’ve got quite a few favourites, but if I had to pick, I guess I’d go for action movies.

What food do you like the most?

Anything chocolate or cheese

Are you a video game type of person?

Not really. If I play games, it’s usually on the computer, especially on the sites and

What grade are you in now?

Year 12, which in America would be like 12th Grade (Senior) and in the UK would be Year 13/Upper 6th.


What would you grab if your house was on fire?

Well, if there was nobody else in the house, I’d grab my laptop and some other important stuff.

But, if there were other people in the house, I’d make sure they got out and were safe first.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

To listen to that little voice/sixth sense that tells us what we should or shouldn’t do. Found out that it’s saved my ass quite a few times from big problems.


What do you do when You’re bored??

Usually do one of three things: write stories, listen to music, or chat with someone. Or a combination of all three.

Which food do you love to eat?

Pizza, KFC, chocolate, lasagna, chicken, raisin bread, yoghurt etc.

Which flavour of ice you like?

Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate – especially when I can eat ice-cream that’s a combination of all of those flavours!

Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry Ice Cream Flavor | Stewart's Shops

Which movie can you watch without a break????

Any MCU, X-Men, Star Wars and Disney movies.


Do you think of yourself as a creative person?

Yes, I can be quite creative. Not always as creative as my younger brothers, but we all are creative in our own ways.

Are you more of a leader or a follower?

I tend to drift between the two, though a friend of mine whom I went to to help me answer this question said that while I drift between the two, I struck him as leadership material.

Which country were you born in?

I come from a land down under

Where women glow and men plunder

If that doesn’t give you any clue, I don’t know what will 😄 (and the above lines in just italics are from a really awesome song called Down Under by Men At Work which I cannot recommend strongly enough)

One place you could live forever in?



How did your blog start?

I actually answered this one in that Brainstorm Award post I did, but I have no problems copying and pasting the answer onto here 🙂

I started it because I really wanted to share my stories that I wrote with the world, but no traditional publisher would take me on, so upon my dad’s suggestion, I joined WordPress and started my blog to write my stories! Of course, later on I found out I could self-publish for free on Kindle and have done and am working on another story to be published on Kindle as well, but I still write stories on here.

Do you enjoy writing for your blog?


How old is your blog?

It turned two years old back in April. You can read the post I did on it by clicking here.


What three books are from your childhood that you wouldn’t mind reading today?

Any of the Anne of Green Gables books, a book called Myths and Legends (though I don’t remember who wrote it) that I’m pretty sure is around somewhere (and I wanna read it in it’s entirety as I wasn’t allowed to read it all due to quite a few of the stories in it being scary when I was little – I just need to find it and then I’m burying my nose in it!) and finally any of the classics like Little Women or Heidi and such. I especially love the classics as I grew up reading them.

What’s your favourite film?

My absolute favourite is Avengers: Endgame but my other top favourites are Avengers: Infinity War, Frozen & Frozen 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One.

When the coronavirus is over, where is the first place you would go, after the shops?

Oh, that’s easy – travel to America if I have the money. Got some friends there that I wanna see 🙂

What’s your favourite cuisine?

I dunno.

Do you like roller-coasters?

Wouldn’t know as I’ve never been on one, though it is on my bucket list of things to do before I die.

Do you have any pets?



If you could go anywhere in the galaxy, where would you go and why?

ANYWHERE! I’d love to go anywhere in the galaxy because space is so freaking cool!!!!

What’s your favorite candy bar?

Indulging too much in anything, can have messy results. (With ...

How do you put up with JM?

HAHAHAHA!!!! For those of you who don’t know, J-M is my brother and a fellow blogger who runs the site J-M’s History Corner, so I’m gonna love answering this question.

Simply put: I don’t.

Who in this world do you look up to the most and why?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Not really sure – I know where I hope to be, but have no idea what the future actually holds for me 🙂


How different is your life in Australian winter than summer?

The big difference is: in Winter I tend to get sick while in summer I don’t.

Do you prefer the heat of the summer or the winter?

To quote that adorable snowman from Frozen: “I just love the idea of summer! And the sun! And all things hot!”

Give me eternal summer and spring and I’ll be content for life!

Woolworths or Coles?

I don’t really have a preference – my family has always gone to Woolworths instead of Coles, so I just go to Woolworths simply because it’s what’s done in my family, though I’m not fussed one bit about going to Coles.

Are there are any holidays or events that you have missed out on this year and feel sad about? (because of social distancing measures)


Do you ever suffer with panic attacks or extreme anxiety?

Yeah, I’ve had some panic attacks before in the past – at least, I think they’re panic attacks. I’ve never been totally sure if it’s a panic attack or an anxiety attack. But they don’t happen often – what I mainly suffer from is a lot of anxiety – not sure if it counts as extreme, but I suffer from a lot of anxiety – mainly due to…a few things.

If so, how do you cope?

It depends on the situation and such.

If you were coming round to my place for a drink and a summery pudding – what kind of dessert would you love to have?

I would LOVE to come around to your place, Caramel! I have no idea, actually – but I’d try whatever you’ve got! (Actually…is chocolate cake an option for dessert????)

What do you drink most of during the day time – water, tea/coffee or some kind of juice?

Water. Tea being the second drink I drink the most of during the day.

Thank you guys for your fantastic questions! I really enjoyed answering them and I hope you all enjoyed reading my answers!

Until next time!

50 responses to “Reader Request June 6th”

  1. Mohamad Toutounji Avatar
    Mohamad Toutounji

    Awesome answers
    Thank you for answering my questions

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    1. Thanks!
      You’re welcome! It’s actually June 5th over here and I was doing some edits to the post and accidentally pressed ‘publish’ before tomorrow, but never mind!

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  2. I loveeeddd reading your answers!!!! 😍😍😍😍
    I love Turkish Delight too… 😋
    And Anne of Green Gables….
    And Frozen….

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    1. Thank you! 😍
      Me too!

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  3. Was wonderful reading your answers!! Glad that I got to know more about you!!🌠♥️

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    THANKS for answering my questions!

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    1. Thanks!
      It was a pleasure!

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        No problem!!!

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  5. I really enjoyed reading your answers!

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  6. No, not Turkish Delight!!! LOL

    I love your answer to the universe and I wholeheartedly agree. And good for you not putting up with JM! LOL

    Overall, I loved your answers and feel like I know you a little bit more now. 🙂

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    1. I have caved! It is one of my weaknesses! XD

      LOL, thanks!

      Thanks! Overall?

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      1. Oh no, you’re being held captive by Janis the White Witch!

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      2. But she has chocolate!
        And cookies!

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      3. You might be beyond help. She owns you now.

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      4. The Dark Side is awesome…give it a try XD

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      5. Oh yeah, you’re gone. You’re definitely gone.

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      6. THE DARK SIDE: Come to me Dee….

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      7. But we’ve got apples!
        You can’t resist apples XD

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      8. Now you have me.. apples are my weakness!

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      9. Well, we’ve got hundreds of apples!

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      10. You cannot deny the heart that is yearning…

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      11. Overall, as in not just my questions and answers.

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    2. I do occasionally read Racheal’s blog, you know.

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      1. We’ve been ratted out, Dee

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      2. What? Did I say something? LOL!!!

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      3. Putting/not putting up with me ring any bells?

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      4. Yeah, it doesn’t ring any bells me with either…

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      5. Right? What the heck is he talking about?

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      6. Yeah, I have absolutely no idea, lol!

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      7. I think he might be paranoid or hallucinatory. Do we even know who he is?

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      8. No, not since he was swapped with a changeling.

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      9. Lying is a sin, you know.

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      10. We’re not lying.

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      11. Yeah, we’ve been ratted out. XD

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      12. Never give up. Never surrender.

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