Final Reminder

This is the final reminder of a Reader Request I am doing as the deadline for being able to ask me any questions you want is in two days time.

If you haven’t yet and wanna ask me questions or have simply missed it, you can go to this post here and comment with your questions. Or simply ask them in the comment section for this post.

This is your final reminder.

4 thoughts on “Final Reminder

  1. I think I gave your brother a list of questions. I didn’t realize you were inviting questions too. You are one brave family inviting all of us to fire questions at you!!

    OK…my questions are:

    – How different is your life in Australian winter than summer?
    – Do you prefer the heat of the summer or the winter?
    – Woolworths or Coles?
    – Are there are any holidays or events that you have missed out on this year and feel sad about? (because of social distancing measures)
    – Do you ever suffer with panic attacks or extreme anxiety?
    – If so, how do you cope?
    – If you were coming round to my place for a drink and a summery pudding – what kind of dessert would you love to have?
    – What do you drink most of during the day time – water, tea/coffee or some kind of juice?

    1. That’s okay, I figured that some people may have missed it, so thought I should post a reminder 🙂
      And thanks for the questions!

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