Overturned – Chapter 11

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Anyway, enjoy the next chapter of Overturned!


Mia clutched her sides with laughter as Virgil Lawson – Mr Handsome Business Suit who had actually asked her out on a date – smirked at his own joke.

“So, what do you wanna do now?” he asked, his voice as every bit delicious as his looks – which she already knew, but who can blame her for thinking about it again?

Hmmm. What could we do now?

They had been walking along the water’s edge at the beach for a while now, just relaxing and chatting under the starry night sky. They had already had a picnic soon after arriving at the beach.

Water lazily lapped at her bare feet, making her giggle.

“Why don’t we go swimming?” she asked.

Brring! Brring!

She pulled her phone out of her trouser pocket (she had Lily’s swimsuit on underneath her regular clothes) and checked the caller ID. I should’ve left my phone behind, she thought. If this is Char-oh, wait it’s Emily! What’s she calling for?

“Hey, Em, what’s up?”

“There’s a problem at the restaurant. Your father closed it for renovations, but something’s come up and we really need you!”

Mia frowned. “Dad’s gotten a new guy – charlie – and he’s meant to be helping get us back on top. Can’t he fix it?”

Something is definitely up…

Mia heard Emily say something to someone else nearby, though she couldn’t catch the words and then a new voice spoke to Mia over the phone.

“Mia,” Charlie said. “We need to talk.”



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