The Musical Award

I promise I will get on and do the next chapter of Overturned, but I saw I was given this highly prestigious award by the one and only Brother’s Campfire and loved it so much that I thought I would do a post about it!

Brother’s Campfire had challenged my yesterday to sing a silly song, which I did – choosing the silly song His Cheeseburger and I also recorded and posted it on my blogs Racheal’s Novels and miscellaneousoddity as well as my YouTube Channel.

As a result, Brother’s Campfire used that to spin it into his ongoing story which he posts regularly on his blog about and also give me an award for it!

Go check him and follow him – he is a truly great blogger and story teller. Thank you for the award – this is not one were you then go and nominate others for it. If you want this truly fantastic award, then you need to go over to Brother’s Campfire and contact him to find out all the details about how, why, when, etc.

Thanks, Bro!

You can find his website by clicking here.

Oh, and I think I should mention that I think I will be taking up this solo singing thing up as another side hobby to do like writing. I found it fun to do and so did everyone else!

59 thoughts on “The Musical Award

  1. WOW! CONGRATS Racheal!
    I’m also planning on giving you a challenge on what to sing!

    1. Thanks!
      Cool! Please do! I may or may not do it, but I will still love to be challenged! What type of song do you want me to sing?

      1. Any time!
        Ok! What about………..FROZEN 2! Show yourself!

      2. Thanks! It’s so amazing! And i wanna see you sing it! Can’t wait!

      3. You’re welcome! That song is amazing! I will definitely record it and send it to you!
        I won’t be able to do Idina Menzel justice, but I will just enjoy myself and have fun!

      4. It is! THANKS Racheal!
        YEAH! But if you wanna do Idina Menzel justice you can do it first! No problem!

      5. What do you mean I can do it first?
        No problem! I won’t do it right now as it is night, but I will try and do it tomorrow šŸ™‚

      6. I mean if you wanna do Idina Menzel justice you can do it first and then show yourself later on! No pressure!
        YEAH ok!

      7. OK you’re making me laugh! LOL! I Mean that if you wanna do another song that you planned before the one i gave you you can do that first!
        I dunno!

      8. Ohhhhh, I get it now. No, I had no other song planned first. I am going to do Mamma Mia with J-M and Joshua at some point, but I don’t know when, so if we’re not going to do that tomorrow, then Show Yourself will definitely be done tomorrow!

      9. WOW! I’ll be so looking forward to that! YEAH ok! Well gotta go! Bye!

      1. Yeah, usually, we either sleep in more, or we’ve been up and busy doing stuff before getting time on here *shrugs*

      2. Know what that’s like, lol! I got a lazy day yesterday, but I don’t think I’ll be getting one today.

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