Overturned – Chapter 11

Sorry for the delay in posting the next chapter! Welcome to all my new followers! And I’ve also done a Reader Request, which you can check out by clicking here. Anyway, enjoy the next chapter of Overturned! ~ Mia clutched her sides with laughter as Virgil Lawson – Mr Handsome Business Suit who had actuallyContinue reading “Overturned – Chapter 11”

The Food Award

I have been nominated for the Food Award by J-M’s History Corner. Check him out – he’s a great blogger! Thanks J-M! https://jmshistorycorner.wordpress.com/2020/05/28/the-food-award/ THE RULES: Thank the person that nominated you. Pingback to the creator, Elisha at https://africaboy.home.blog/ Use the same featured image as your nominator. Answer the five questions. Create five questions about food. NominateContinue reading “The Food Award”

Show Yourself

Hey! I was challenged by the wonderful Shahashel to sing Frozen 2‘s fabulous song Show Yourself which is sung by Elsa. So, being a huge Disney fan (and an unapologetic Frozen fan – not going to lie, I was basically jumping up and down when going to watch Frozen 2 in theaters), I accepted the challenge!Continue reading “Show Yourself”

Overturned – Chapter 10

This chapter will be written from the main character – Mia’s – ex’s – Charlie’s – perspective, which…should be interesting… Enjoy! Charlie sighed and checked his watch. It was after eight at night and Mia wasn’t back yet. She should be back. Sure, her father had closed the restaurant temporarily for renovations, and there wasn’tContinue reading “Overturned – Chapter 10”

The Black Iris – Chapter 2

So, I was going to wait until I had finished Overturned to continue with this story, which I started here, but right now I’ve drawn a blank on Overturned and I have been getting quite a lot of ideas for this story, so want to continue with it for now, though I will keep writingContinue reading “The Black Iris – Chapter 2”

Dormant Demons

I won’t talk to you. I can’t talk to you. Cause I’m scared – scared that I’m just repeating my biggest regret by picking you as a friend. You say I’m not a bother, that I’m not burdening you, but I think I am and you’re just being nice. You say you don’t mind meContinue reading “Dormant Demons”

His Cheeseburger

Hey everybody!!!! Welcome to all my new followers!!!! Anyway, I was challenged by Brother’s Campfire to record myself doing a solo of a silly song. He left the choice of what silly song to sing up to me, but said it had to be silly but clean. So, I ended up picking the song HisContinue reading “His Cheeseburger”