The Broken Thread

Alright, so I had planned to do the next chapter of Overturned, but this came to mind and I decided to write this down before it slipped my mind.


Maybe I can try again…

But you can’t do it right…

I could try again, but then…

You’ll once again end up a terrible sight.


Thoughts swirling

Constantly drowning

Screaming until throat is raw

As the monster within eats away


Shattered glass

Droplets of red, constantly dripping

Trying to find a semblance of normality

But you fucked that up, too


Slipping further and further away

As the water fills your lungs

As voices ring in your ear

Begging you to give in


Gripping the knife

Slowly raising it

As you finally reach for the voices

And into darkness you descend


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