Let It Go


Me and my brother J-M’s History Corner a few days ago filmed ourselves singing I Will Survive after our good friend Lydia Potter had suggested that we do a video of us “singing” – or more ruining our own eardrums, lol! Anyway, it looks to be turning into a little franchise of us ruining these fabulous songs!!!

So, today, me and J-M filmed ourselves singing Let It Go – which was a LITTLE better than I Will Survive as 1) I was a LOT more composed 2) We were all more in sync and 3) we had one of our little brothers joining in as he sings SOOOOOO much better than me and J-M!!!!!

There are some downsides – we’re still pretty monotonous with our “singing” and while we tried to be lively and make it look fun….being infront of a camera gave us last-minute jitters, so….*cringes* fingers crossed….

We’re just doing this for fun and to give you all a laugh – which, judging by the responses to I Will Survive, we greatly succeeded in that area, LOL!!!!

Thank you all once again and I promise I am working on a story post to publish and that it will be out soon!!!!!


72 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. WOW Guys! You all are better on this one! Also on the last one but a teeny bit better more on this one! Your little brother is pretty great too!

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