My First YouTube Video

G’day everybody!!!

So *takes deep, deep breath* I have done my first YouTube video!!! A good friend of me and my brother J-Ms History Corner – the friend being none other than the famed Lydia Potter – suggested to my brother J-M that he do a video of him singing (even though he is terrible at singing) and I ended up joining in!

Warning: We are both terrible, terrible singers and we’re doing this just for fun, so feel free to laugh like we did…if you can get through watching it (I almost didn’t when we watched it afterwards ourselves). I was especially terrible – I was out of sync and couldn’t stop laughing/cringing, even when I was meant to be singing, so please forgive me!!!!

Anyway, here’s the video!!!!

81 thoughts on “My First YouTube Video

      1. πŸ˜‚
        Don’t worry
        I have a terrible voice too but my older sister has the voice of an angel
        She got it from my dad because he is a singer and an actor so it kinda runs in the family

      2. Oh, wow. We’re thinking of getting one of our younger brothers to join in in the next video or something because 1) he loves to sing and 2) compared to us, he’s a magnificent singer!

      1. As a song …. surely i want to dig a deep hole and wanna jump inside it …. As a entertainment …. definitely a good one πŸ™‚ and trying something new always need a pat in the shoulders ….. and of course quarantine makes everything seems better…

      1. LOL! You just made my night! It’s like a HUGE weight off my shoulders!
        If we ever get to meet, you want to try “singing” with me in a video?

  1. You two are absolutely hilarious!!! I think I’m just astonished that you two are adults and not kids. I had this image of you and JM as little kids, but you’re like regular people!🀯

    Thanks for sharing Rue, it was a fun start to my day. Take care.

    1. You thought J-M and I were little kids?!
      He’s going to be 21 later this year and I’m going to be 18 later this year!!!!!
      Awww, thanks, lol!

      1. Though i did laugh a bit 1 second late…………………………………

  2. I watched this on your brother’s sote. It was so great to see you capturing the spirit of karaoke! Love it! Thanks for making our day!!!

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