Overturned – Chapter 8

“Whoa! Say what, girl? You’re going on a date and you didn’t even tell me!”

Mia frowned in confusion at her best friend Lily. Lily was a fashion designer and always wore all the best clothes while Mia…didn’t really have a clue what style was supposed to mean. “What do you mean?” Mia asked, sipping her thick chocolate smoothie as she sat by the window at McDonalds. “I literally just told you!”

Lily was already shaking her head before Mia even finished. “Nuh-uh. What I mean is,” and she leaned forward over the table and jabbed a finger at Mia, “is that you didn’t even tell me that you had a crush!”

Mia rolled her eyes. “It only happened like yesterday!”

“Yesterday schmesterday,” Lily said. Mia sighed and Lily burst out laughing. “I’m just giving you a hard time.”

Mia kicked her in the leg under the table.

“Ow!” Lily exclaimed, rubbing her sore leg. “So, when’s the date with Mr Handsome?” she asked, wiggling her eyebrows, which made Mia crack up laughing.


“WHAT?!” Several nearby people turned and looked over at them. Lily threw them a ‘we’re chatting‘ look and huffed, turning back to Mia, though thankfully lowering her voice. “Tonight!? Well, that doesn’t give us very much time. Right, put that down. You’re coming with me!”

Mia blinked in surprise as Lily got up and began impatiently tapping her foot. “Uh..okay?” Mia said, picking up the rest of her hot dog to take with her.

“Uh, uh, uh!” and Lily took the hot dog from Mia and threw it in a nearby bin.

“Hey!” Mia exclaimed. “What-”

“We don’t need any more fat on your waist, thank you,” Lily said, grabbing Mia’s wrist and dragging her out to the car before Mia could even open her mouth.

“Wha-what is wrong with you?” Mia exclaimed.

Lily gave her a look like it was obvious. “Sweetie, if that man is as drool-inducing as you gushingly described him as, than you need to find some decent clothes.”

“Lily, all my clothes are decent, thank you,” Mia said as she climbed into Lily’s car.

Lily winced as if she was in pain. “Yeah…but you have no sense of style. You’re coming over to my place and I’ll show you some of my new designs that I just finished creating that I haven’t sent shown the world yet and you are going to find one that’s perfect for this date!”

“You really mean I’ll be your guinea pig and you’ll pick the outfit that you think is best,” Mia said with a smirk.

Lily brushed that off with a wave of her hand. “Technicalities, my dear. Just minor technicalities,” she said as she drove out of McDonald’s and started heading for her home.

“Plus, Lily, we’re just going to the beach! It’s not like we’re going to a royal ball or anything.”

“The beach!? Than you have to check out that new lingerie that have been top-seller for me since last week and-”

“LILY! Stop!”

Lily sighed. “Fine. But I’m showing you all my personal swimwear for you to choose from.”

Mia sighed, giving in. Lily’s swimwear was awesome – and Lily obviously wasn’t going to budge.

This is going to be so much “fun”.


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