The Caramel Crunch


CARAMEL CRUNCH1Caramel has created a rather interesting series of challenges which she has titled THE CARAMEL CRUNCH. She’s done fourteen of them so far, one for each post. Each challenge is a question designed to make you think. As she explains it:

What is THE CARAMEL CRUNCH? Well, it’s all about decisions. When it comes to THE CRUNCH what would you do?

One of the definitions of the word CRUNCH is:

a crucial point or situation

 – generally involving a decision with weighty consequences

She says that you can either comment on her post with your answer to her thought-provoking question or you can do a post with your answer. I usually just comment as I don’t have a long enough answer to do a post, but with her question today, I decided that it was going to be done in a post.

You can check out it out here:

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