Overturned – Chapter 7

Say something you idiot!

All Mia could do was stare.

Come on! The sexiest man alive, whom you’ve been crushing on, has just asked you out on a date and all you can say is um…!?

“Uh…sure, but I don’t have anything to wear…”

I could punch me in the face!!!

The man smirked. “I don’t mind.”

Mia blushed bright red. “Uh…well, I need to get back to work, so…” she sighed happily. “When and where?”

The man chuckled. “Tonight. 7:30. On the beach,” he said. He then placed something in her hand, but she didn’t even notice. “Call me when you’re ready to be picked up.” He then left, leaving her to stare after him dreamily.

Get yourself back together! Yes, he’s more handsome than Charlie if that’s even possible and he’s got better manners, and yes, he did just ask me on a date BUT mind back on my job.

It was then that she was aware of a weight in her hands and then remembered that he had put something in her hands.

She looked down and saw a business card with the man’s name. So, his name’s Virgil Lawson, and is a lawyer!

She then spotted his work number, but another phone number scribbled in black ink over his card with the words ‘call me’ with a heart right above the number.

She nearly swooned.


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