Holding your hand

Under the starry night

Never thought we’d get here

To this place in time


I never want time to continue

Just stop, freeze right now

So this won’t end

And I won’t have to let go of your hand


Don’t think about what’s coming

Just focus on the now

Where you’re here

And I’m not far away

Fighting on the front line


Just stay here

Don’t leave

Holding hands

Not letting go

Not until we have to

Cause I love you and I don’t want to go


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I’m an Australian author and artist, self-published as a teenager. Fast food worker and a uni student. Love karaoke, clubbing, cosplay, makeup listening to ASMR, and photography. Genderfluid, mainly they/them pronouns, and bisexual. Also run a podcast called “The Little Book Corner by Ash Digest – Author” that’s available on Spotify and Anchor/Spotify for Podcasts


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