Out of the Flames

It pushes me down

I try to fight – it’s impossible

The snears

The fears

It swamps me so that I drown


And you…where are you?

Or are you gone, too

Joining the taunters

The ones that scream “You’re a monster!”


Have you finally realised

That all my baggage

Is too much, keeping you tied

You hold me down

Is what you say

When the voices in my head are screaming

Begging for peace

I can’t take this

I’ll see you another day


And with those words, the suffocating starts

Your promises, loving embrace – all a thing of the past

One, two, three

I’m falling


Like a tree down a ravine


Water swamps my lungs

Fire sears my heart

As my trauma – everything

Rips its way out


I crack

Like fragile glass

As your hand I need, but lack

Is only throwing rocks at me as you pass



That’s it

I won’t be pushed

I won’t be kicked

I don’t need you; I won’t be tricked


This is me

It’s who I am

If you can’t take that

Then get out of my way


I won’t apologise

I’m punching my way out of the flames

You did one good thing, and that is

You went away


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