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She reached behind her and pulled an arrow out of her quiver. Notching her bow, she pulled back until the butt of her arrow was touching the side of her cheek.

The crisp morning air nipped her cheeks as she stared at her target as it bent its head to nibble at the clumps of grass.

Quickly calculating the distance, the speed of the wind, and the angle with which she would have to shoot in a split second, she – without even having to think about it – released the arrow.

The arrow shot cleanly through the air.

Penetrated her target.

The target dropped.

She strode over to it and knelt down.

Pressed her fingers to it’s neck.

No pulse.

She pulled out the arrow and checked it’s tip. Still good to use, she thought as she put it back in her quiver, going to clean it later when she was back at camp. Slinging the deer over her shoulders, she turned and strode back to camp.

She knew that she was lucky to find a deer.

Cause that virus practically wiped out all the animals.

Same with all the humans.

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