Overturned – Chapter 5

Welcome to all my new followers and guess what? Yesterday, I reached 200 posts on Racheal’s Novels!!!! So, I am going to try writing this in first-person this time since I was half-way through writing this and having such a ball when I realized that instead of third-person like I normally do, I was writing it in first-person, LOL! And figured that I might as well keep it like it is. Hope you enjoy.

Anyway, let’s get on with the story!

Well, that settles that.

The universe officially hates me.

Why else would it be giving me this on top of all the shitty stuff that’s happened since yesterday – like bumping into my ex-boyfriend, discovering my brother is a staunch Marvel fan instead of a DCEU fan like meself, or the fact that the oven broke down during last night’s party and I managed to fix it, but not before some customers got tired of waiting for the oven to be fixed to have their dinners and stormed out.

Let’s hope they don’t report that to the newspapers.

But right now I couldn’t care less.

Cause our chef has quit due to some personal family issues and when I came into Daddy’s restaurant this morning to figure out what to do next, guess who I found chatting away with my father as if they were old friends?

Bloody Charlie.

He had the nerve to give me a fond smile and a nod in greeting. “Good morning, Mia,” he said.

I then realize that I’ve just dropped my backpack which I had bought with me which has my lunch and laptop in it on the floor.

Oh dear God, please don’t let my laptop be broken!

I hastily unzip my backpack and check my laptop.

Oh, thank God it’s alright!

I shoot Charlie a glare, then my father. “What’s he doing here?” I demand of my father, jabbing my finger accusingly at Charlie.

Dad looked quite confused. “He and I are having a discussion – a very good one, I might add.” He then leaned back and gave me a scolding look. “What’s your excuse for ruining this conversation?”

What? Seriously, Dad? You don’t even remember what he did?!

Before I could say a word, Charlie stands up and holds his hand out for my father to shake. “Well, it was nice talking to you,” Charlie said.


Dad stood up and shook his hand. “Oh, it was nice talking to you! And I hope that you will enjoy your time as our new cook. Don’t we, Mia?” Dad said, the last three words he said quite pointedly.

But I didn’t even register that fact.

All I could do was stare at Charlie. Stare at Dad.

Is Dad even serious!?

Charlie is going to be our new cook?!


I’m quite enjoying showing the Marvel/DCEU rivalry, especially the fan arguments about which one they think is better. I love what I’ve seen of the DCEU movies, but I also love the MCU and X-Men movies. I don’t pick favourites, but if I had to, I’d pick Marvel over the DC Universe anyday, so I’m finding it quite hilarious to write this story from a staunch DCEU lover and firm Marvel hater’s perspective XD

And before you think that the father is horrible for putting someone who broke Mia’s heart as the new cook, I just want to warn you to keep an open mind. Things aren’t always as they seem.

And I will be revealing exactly what happened between Mia and Charlie at some point in the story, I’m just not sure exactly when.

Anyway, thank you for reading and have a great day/night!

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