Overturned – Chapter 4

Mia sighed contentedly as she took a sip out of her champagne.

So far, the party was going excellently.

People were dancing to the slow love song that the orchestra that had played at her father’s restaurant for the last fifteen years were currently playing.

People had coming in all evening, and right now they were packed to the brim with customers – and so far, they had all been heavily praising the food and drinks. With all the people coming in, their business was definitely going to be sticking around for a little bit longer.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around…and immediately wished that she hadn’t. “What are you doing here?” she snapped.

Charlie smirked at her response like he knew some “BIIIIGGGG” secret that she didn’t.

Like what the **** you are doing here?

“Just enjoying the party,” Charlie said, straightening his dinner jacket, which Mia was trying not to think looked eye-catching on him. Mia crossed her arms across her chest and cocked an eyebrow. She had been this guys girlfriend since childhood before he dumped her three years ago, so knew when he was being honest and when he wasn’t being forthcoming – and right now, it was the latter.

Charlie mimicked her pose, knowing full well that it would aggravate her like it did when she was little.

And, sure enough, it did.

“You’ve got some nerve,” she snarled.

Charlie chuckled. “You used to love that about me,” he remarked, hoping to steer the conversation away from what he was doing here. His eyes drifted back to hers in time to catch the glint of resentment and, hidden underneath her rock hard exterior, pain and grief that hadn’t gone away.

“Yeah, until you just dumped me for no bloomin’ good reason three years ago!” she snapped. Charlie thought that he caught a small tremor in her voice.

He sighed and Mia thought that she saw sadness – regret – in his eyes and in his voice as he spoke. “And I’ve hated myself for it ever since,” he said, staring her square in the eyes. She was taken so aback by this – mainly because he seemed so…so…genuine about his feelings.

But, she had been tricked by him before into falling for him, so she was going to take whatever he said with a bowl full of salt.

“Well, it doesn’t matter anymore,” she said, trying to figure out a way to get away from him. “What’s done is done.”

She then spotted him.

Gorgeous Business Suit.

She quickly pushed past Charlie – completely forgetting him – and weaved her way through the crowd. She wanted to know more – such as was he available?


Gasping in surprise, she turned around and saw her best friend and restaurant co-worker and aspiring fashion designer Emily standing there, looking like she was trying to fight a World War single-handedly.

And it sounded like she had been calling Mia’s name for a while.


“What on earth have you been doing?!” Emily shouted, grabbing Mia’s arm and dragging her through the crowd toward the kitchen before Mia even realized it was happening. “You’re supposed to be helping with the crowds, not going all Sheep’s Eyes over men! Now the oven’s not working and we need you to come fix it as-”

“I know, I know! I’m the “best”,” Mia sighed, finally freeing herself from Emily’s grip. “Alright,” she sighed again, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. “I’ll go fix it – and will help you with your work for the rest of the night to make up, okay?”

Emily looked at her like she sensed something was not quite right – as she should. Mia never snapped at her friends…well, except for her father. But, he didn’t really qualify as a friend. “Then whatcha standing around for?” Emily said, with a light smile to let Mia know that she as just messing around. “Get your butt in there!”

Mia nodded and went into the kitchen – but not before taking one last look around the crowd, trying to spot Mr Handsome.

But he seemed to have just disappeared.

Oh, well, she mentally shrugged, before getting to work on the oven. Story of all the men in my life.

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