Overturned – Chapter 3

Hey, everybody! Sorry for the long delay with continuing writing this story – I needed to finish Winter Kill first. So, this story Overturned is the current novel on Racheal’s Novels that I’m going to be working on. You can read/reread the first two chapters by clicking here and here. To those who are new to this particular story, Overturned is a romantic comedy that I’m writing – and thoroughly having a ball with.

Anyway, enjoy!


Mia froze as she had been trying to sneak inside the restaurant without being spotted.

By him.

Sam and her both guiltily-but-trying-not-to-look-guilty turned around and Mia chuckled nervously. “Hey, hi Dad,” she said sheepishly.

He glared at the both of them. “Where the hell have you two been?! The celebration is in five hours! You two are the best coordinators I’ve got!”

Mia frowned. “What about Ms. Charlotte Baggins? She was the coordinator last I heard.”

Her father sighed. “She wasn’t doing a very good job. I fired her today. I need you two!”

“Okay, okay. Sorry. We didn’t know that. We’ll get right on it, I promise,” Sam said, wrapping his arm around Mia’s defiant shoulders. “Won’t we, sis?”

“Yep. Absolutely,” Mia agreed, giving her father a paper-thin smile. It’s not our fault. We didn’t know. We thought everything was under control. He could’ve let us know nicely, she silently grumbled.

“Okay! Great! Get on top of it, you two.” And with that, their father left, already shouting at someone else because something probably wasn’t up to his perfect standards. Mia rolled her eyes.

“Alright,” and Mia clapped her hands together once and turned to her brother. “How ’bout you and I get changed into coordinator material and take it all from the top, shall we?”

“Yup,” and Sam turned and went to get changed out of his beach gear.

Mia took a good look around.

People rushing about, cooking, setting things up.


Spilling things.

Decorations in wrong places.

“Five hours,” she muttered to herself. Mia took a deep breath. “No problemo. I can fix all of this in just. Five. Hours.”

…Can I?

Sorry that this chapter is so short.

There’s going to be a time skip in the story between this ending and the start of the next chapter, which is going to revolve around the time the party is in full swing.

Hope you are enjoying it!

Have a great day/night!


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