Horrific Facts About Smoking

Normally, I only do stories/award posts on here, but this is far too important and serious not to share on my story blog. Please share with everyone you know.


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We’ve all heard that smoking is bad for us.

But did you know just how bad it is?

I only just found it when doing some reading for a health course I’m doing, where the book went into such detail of just what smoking does to our bodies.

Trust me – you’re going to want to read this.

Just a side note: I will be quoting directly out of my study book that I’ve been reading for a health course.

Advertisements for tobacco products are very deceptive. They suggest smoking is cool and using tobacco products helps people have fun and lead adventurous, glamorous lives. This image is totally false. The true image would depict stained teeth, constant coughing, cigarette odour, or burned furniture. Nothing about that image is glamorous.

Those who use tobacco products often experience coughing, hoarseness, sinusitis, shortness of breath, loss of taste, nervousness, chest and stomach…

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