Saving Grace

Here is another event in the Bible that I wrote as a story. Hope you enjoy!

“Hurry!” Tobias called over his shoulder as he hoisted the cot up a little further. “It already looks like there’s a crowd brewing!”

Oh, please, please, please let us be able to get there in time!

Cause his friend’s (who was in the cot he and three others were currently carrying) life depended on it. Okay, he conceded, that might be overstating it, but this was their one chance to get their friend up and walking again, and they weren’t going to miss it.

“There it is!” Johanus called out as they turned the final corner…and Tobias immediately came to a halt.

Oh no!!

There were miles of people gathering out around the building and they were all pushing and jostling each other to try and get through the door…but judging from how many people were out there, the inside of the house was probably PACKED!!!

“We’re too late,” Johanus sighed and Tobias felt the cot sag a little as Johanus’ shoulder’s probably deflated.

But Tobias didn’t listen to Johanus. His eyes kept constantly scanning the crowd and the front door, looking for a way in. He even observed the windows, but people were sitting in the window sills.

I’m not giving up on my friend. There has to be a way in!

Then he saw it.

He stood up on his tippy-toes, trying to make sure that it was doable.

It seemed to be.

“Come! Follow me!” he called out to his friends, craning his head around over his shoulders to make sure that they heard him clearly.

“What are we going to do?” Johanus asked, holding the cot more firmly at the thought – the hope – of being able to help their friend.

Tobias set his jaw, more sure that his choice was the right way. “We’ll try the roof.”

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