True Miracles

I had to take one of the events in the Bible and rewrite it in story fashion, so I thought I would share it with you 🙂 Enjoy!


That week had been the most exciting and…unusual in Peter’s life.

First, there had been the fish.

And I mean, lots and lots of fish!

So much that Peter had to call his buddies, James and John, over to help. And even with their help, there was so much fish that all their boats were in imminent danger of sinking.

And thank God for that as they hadn’t been catching anything for a while and they needed some to sell in the markets to get money to pay for a physician to come and take care of his mother-in-law, who was gravely ill.

Of course, that bona-fide miracle was all due to Yahushua (Jesus), a man whom Peter strongly believed was the Son of God; and whom he was traveling with at this very moment, come to think of it.

Then, right after that, he, James, and John became this Yahushua’s disciples and they had all gone to Capernaum. That Saturday, they had all gone to the Synagogue (as it was Shabbat) and Yahushua had begun to preach there.

That wasn’t the unusual part.

The unusual part was when a man came charging through the crowd listening to Yahushua and in a fit of rage and odd desperation, demanded that He leave.

Peter was impressed at how Yahushua reacted – he simply stared the man straight in the eye and told the demon in the man to shut up and beat it, which it did – after a bit of a struggle to climb out, screeching, and leaving the man in a fit of agony afterwards.

After that episode, Yahushua simply came over to them and asked if it was alright if they went to Peter’s house for supper, which was where they were heading now.

What happened in the Synagogue was going to be talked about everywhere for a long time to come, of that Peter was certain.

Weaving through the streets, they soon arrived at Peter’s house. Climbing the front steps, Peter opened the door and was greeted with a bear hug from his brother, Andrew. “Peter! How are you?” Andrew greeted.

“I’m fine, Andrew, I’m fine,” Peter replied, patting Andrew on the back, before pulling away. He introduced Andrew to Yahushua/Jesus. Andrew shook His hand and then fondly embraced James and John. James and John had been long friends of Andrew and Peter for years. They were quite close.

There was a cough from a nearby room. “Peter? Is that you?” a feeble voice called out.

His heart tightened at the sound of his mother-in-law’s voice. He quickly went into the room where his mother-in-law was. She was lying in bed, beads of sweat streaming down her rather pale face. She’s worse, he realised as he went over and pulled up a chair, taking hold of her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

She looked at him and gave him a weak smile, but before she could say anything, her eyes latched onto something or someone behind him and she looked confused. Peter turned and saw Jesus/Yahushua standing there, watching them. Jesus/Yahushua then went over to Peter’s mother-in-law and, reaching out, touched her hand and said, “Leave this woman!”


Peter was at first confused, wondering why He was telling him to leave his mother-in-law, when Jesus/Yahushua then took her hand and said in a soft, comforting voice, “Please get up.”

To his surprise, the sweat disappeared from off of her face and colour returned to her skin as she stood up. Peter’s lips trembled as tears filled his eyes.

She was completely healed.

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